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January, 2012

Joe Paterno Signs Deal To Coach “All Satan” Squad

Posted by Dave Reynolds in Blog

I have a plaque on my office wall from the Canadian Center For Abuse Awareness ~ Martin Kruze Memorial Fund, thanking me for some work I did helping them raise funds a few years ago. I am proud of that plaque. Martin Kruze, was one of the victims of sexual abuse at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto during the 1970s. In 1997, Kruze revealed that as a young hockey player he had been sexually abused at Maple Leaf...

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Jan at 4:51 PM

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The Naked Truth

Posted by Dave Reynolds in Blog

When you stepped out of the shower this morning, did you like what you saw? Your answer depends on your gender. According to a new survey by Fitness magazine, 57 percent of women think they look "fat" while naked, while 48 percent of men give a thumbs-up to themselves in the buff. Guys are more likely to shed their threads in general: More than 27 percent of guys walk around naked in the locker room, versus just nine percent of gals. 20...

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Jan at 4:48 AM