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Dave Reynolds > Keep Rocking Social Media In 2012

Keep Rocking Social Media In 2012

With new social media channels and applications emerging every day, the possibilities of using social media as a marketing weapon seem endless.  While it’s hard to predict exactly which tools will appear on the market, it’s much easier to spot what trends will shape the development of those new technologies.

Let’s take a look at a few new emerging trends in social media marketing:

Aggregation – Companies and marketers alike have already recognized the need for new technologies that allow them to pull social media data feeds from multiple channels into a single centralized platform and manage their social media presence from 1 app instead of having to log in to multiple platforms. Yet, from a consumer’s point of view, there are very few ways of aggregating important information from different channels. How about giving consumers the tools to customize their own social media needs. For example, if someone was interested in bowling, they should be able to create a bowling related channel and have everything that’s related to their interest shown in a less fragmented and way less noisy view and maybe even have the extra feature of participating in multiple social discussions from using just one system.

Ratings, reputation and client or group sentiment - Right now reviews and ratings are really important and I believe that we will see a huge increase in the use measuring tools as companies and marketers are looking for new ways to analyze and track their ROI from social media.

Increased personalization and a more targeted marketing - People share a lot of personal details (and also more opinions) on social media than in any other type of media or communication.  Because of this, companies and marketers will continue tapping into this gold mine of personal information and this will allow them to create more and more targeted campaigns.  This, will lead to an even greater customization of web sites; location-based marketing will start having a really important role and mobile apps will start having an even more important role. Starter brands will need to focus on creating content that is not just engaging.  It must also be viral, unique, relevant and targeted.

Increased use of social media in the Business 2 Business space:  It’s only fair to say that so far, B2C (business to consumer) companies have been able to utilize social media more efficiently than B2B (business to business) companies. Nevertheless, I predict that we’ll be seeing a significant increase in social media usage and success stories in the not so social B2B space. Consider CISCO, who promoted the official launch of a new router by using only social media channels or American Express, who created a web forum to serve as a resource for small business owners. More and more B2B companies will start using social media campaigns, giving us more examples and success stories for the future.

How is your business embracing this change to social business? Have you had any major success stories and what are the takeaways from those successes? We would would love to learn more from you so please share.

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